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In House Consultancy / Coaching

Improve engagement, productivity and recruit the right people for your organisation.  Business is all about people, so finding the right employees, investing in understanding what motivates someone and improving relationships, communication and collaboration in any business large or small will reap rewards.
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Get to know your blind spot, how others see you and increase your understanding of others for improved relationships, ideal for business owners, leaders, HR professionals, sales & customer service professionals, recruiters.

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Improve Sales & Customer Service

Discover how your customers and prospects see you! They way you communicate and how your customers and prospects prefer to communicate will help you to build better business relationships.

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Profile Builder for Recruiting

Recruitment is a costly and time consuming process for any organisation.  Profile builder for recruiters is an excellent tool used to assess the ‘fit’ of an individual into an organisation based on their basic behaviour.

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Conflict Resolution

By changing peoples perception of conflict, their attitude towards it and changing their mindset around conflict to a positive one, you can benefit from many positive outcomes by harnessing the energy of the conflict and looking for solutions brings about creativity that might otherwise have been missed.

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One to One Personal Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching will give clarity and focus to whatever you want to achieve.  Personal coaching and corporate coaching often go together, as coaching in one will have a positive impact on the other.

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