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Improve Sales & Customer Service With Colours

Improve Sales & Customer Service with Colours workshops & programmes is for anyone wanting to have a greater understanding of themselves, their prospects & customers.  Find out how your customers and prospects see you!

Ensize have analysed the behaviour of the salesperson within the various stages of the sales process and combined the buyer’s style with seven different stages of the sales process.

It takes as it’s starting point the fact that the success of the salesperson is based on knowledge of his or her own behaviour and that of others.

Ensize Commercial DISC report looks at how you handle each stage of the sales process, your strengths and areas for improvement.  The report will also highlight your Driving Forces combined with your basic behaviour, unique to Ensize, so you understand what is motivating you at a much deeper level, something every Sales Manager and Sales Director should understand about their team.

You will get to know what you need to do to attract and build rapport with prospects and what you can do to improve your present relationships for greater success and influence.

Instantly start to recognise your prospects/clients profile and adjust your communications within the sales process & customer service delivery accordingly to help you win and retain more business.

For more information about Improving Sales & Customer Service with Colours and how it will improve your sales,  call Lyn on 07745400504 or email