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‘As a new manager of a large team with smaller teams within, I was conscious that one of these teams could benefit from investing in some intensive team building. I needed something more than regular team building and social events and so I enlisted the support of Lyn Flanagan at Cor Coaching. From the outset she could appreciate the complexity of the situation whereby interactions between members in the smaller team was impacting on others in the wider department and how this was affecting collaborative projects. I met with Lyn and discussed the possible options and she submitted a detailed plan of action complete with timescale and alternatives to suit my budget. From the outset I felt confident about the process and completely trusted Lyn to come into my department and meet with individual staff over the period of time. My staff all engaged and our needs were supported through the process. The DISC exercise was useful in exploring individual and collective working styles and providing insight to team members on how and why people respond to communications or situations in the work place. This helped us to frame the way we approach colleagues. I am now looking to use it across the wider teams.

Head of Department – University of Chester  UOC Logo_2010_cmyk_A4


Lyn’s work in coaching our sales team was invaluable.  She brought focus and direction in developing our sales pipeline which led to improved communications and motivation and a measurable increase in warm leads.  She worked with a number of the team individually and helped them to evaluate their career goals and values which we believe led to greater job satisfaction and improved relationships within the company.  She helped one individual in particular to evaluate where they were in life and identify the changes that needed to be made to take better control in their future.  In acting as ‘middle-man’ she assisted both the individual and the Company reach a satisfactory conclusion.  She is professional, reliable and enthusiastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any company.

Company Director – LT Print Group, Merseysidelt_print_logo


Lyn has been involved in delivering a leadership development programme, using the Ensize DISC profiling tool, for South Cheshire College and The Oaks Academy in Crewe , since December 2015. Lyn has worked closely with the leadership group, taking the necessary time to get to know and understand the needs of the business and develop her relationships ; and she has supported and coached leaders with confidence and assurance through a period of significant transition. The work that Lyn has been doing , using Ensize DISC , has improved the communication and team work within the leadership teams and it has enabled leaders to become more self aware and more confident in their leadership ability. To take this forward we have been using Ensize DISC as part of our recruitment process for new managers , so that we can guage how they will fit within the team, given their profile.

Head of Organisational Development – South Cheshire CollegeSouth Cheshire College Print



Excellent! Lyn has been a weekly God send to me! She has helped me to focus and find solutions to challenges I have had personally and professionally – in the sense of personal ones affecting my business performance. I have been working with Lyn for the last year, I seeked her out because I felt I needed some coaching/accountability. Lyn has been the best coach I could have asked for and I definitely contribute a part of my success this last year to her.

Company Director – Butterfly Wealth Creation, LondonButterfly wealth creation 


I’ve had about 8 sessions with Cor Coaching in the past 18 months to fit around my busy schedule, looking at several aspects of my leadership style and Lyn introduced me to techniques to strengthen my management ability, worked with me on my self-belief and confidence. As a result I’ve realised my life time ambition  at the age of 45 – and established myself as leader in my field.

Head of Department – NW University


Cor Coaching has helped me to gain clarity and focus which has in turn enabled me to move forward with my plans. Lyn is professional in her approach and yet at the same time maintains a sense of humour when needed. Lyn has enabled me to achieve all my goals, she is a very effective coach who is positive, understanding and non- judgemental. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lyn to anyone I know

International Business Consultant – P.Mainprize


I have been empowered to really consider many areas in my life and make positive changes. Lyn has a fantastic approach as she makes the sessions thoroughly enjoyable whilst positively challenging. I have be

en supported by Lyn whilst taking action and working to achieve my objectives. Lyn is a fabulous coach and will have a massive impact on future clients. I have found my motivation again, thank you Lyn!

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Sales & Marketing Director – Safagrow
My coaching session with Cor Coaching involved a DISC profile which I found invaluable in preparation for an interview. As we only had one coaching session, it was based around the results of my DISC profile. It meant I was able to address my weaker areas and understand my strengths and be aware of how I might be perceived during the interview.
It was definitely well worth it – I got the job! Thank you Lyn


Lyn is extremely easy to talk to and put me at ease from the very start. Her style and approach has been ideally suited to helping me understand and achieve my goals and objectives. She was always encouraging and positive and never critical or judgemental and I will certainly come back

International Account Executive – J. Squires 


I have found my sessions with Lyn useful and productive, she made me feel I could be honest and open with her. The coaching sessions helped me to take positive actions and achieve my goals. I feel that I have greater self-awareness on the areas we discussed and I was able to make a considered decision related to my work

Teacher, Birmingham – A.Ellis


Testimonials from Lyn’s Private Clinic in Tarporley & Chester…

Rider Coaching with Brian Seddon (Ex Jockey & Merseyside Mounted Police Trainer)

My riding has improved and we are doing so much more, I’ve entered into a dressage test, 3 months ago I didn’t want to get back on my horse, thank you so much Lyn

Rider – Somerford Park


I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you and Brian and took many insights away and riding exercises to work on. Together you offer a unique combination of complementary skills with the emphasis on practical application.

Rider – Wales



Reflective Repatterning Coaching Testimonials: 

At first I was sceptical. As a ‘scientist’ trained in rational logic view of the world I found it difficult to accept that my deep seated insecurities and resulting lack of self-confidence and esteem could ever be modified. At the end of the Reflective Repatterning (RR) coaching session I felt uncomfortable as I couldn’t immediately describe any tangible response, however it was during the days after that I noticed that my normal car journey to work was different. Usually I would be engaging in plenty of self-doubt-talk, but one particular morning, like a light bulb moment I realised I was responding differently to self-talk; I was being much more positive and constructive and the usual negative thoughts were replaced by a more productive thinking frame of mind even about the same old concerns. I was so impressed I signed up for more. I would certainly recommend this approach to challenge deeply ingrained thought patterns that may be holding you back. Since my first session I have changed the way I approach work related problems, it has helped me to challenge and change the way I approach the negative thought processes that were undermining me. I even found it helpful during the selection process for recent promotion and I was successful in applying for a new, much higher position in a new organisation.

North West Leader

I contacted Lyn of Cor Coaching Ltd to help me with a phobia that was causing me great stress and impacting my personal and business life.  I decided to go ahead with an initial 4 treatments of Reflective Repatterning Coaching, after my first treatment I already started to feel different about my issue.  I felt light and more positive about it, by the end of the 4th treatment I experienced significant improvement and felt so much better, throughout the treatment a deeper issue was realised that Lyn explained was possibly creating or at least contributing to the phobia, so we discussed this in the last session and Lyn gave me extremely helpful techniques to improve my resilience both mentally and physically.  Due to my personal circumstances I couldn’t continue with my coaching sessions but I am now looking forward to future sessions with Lyn, she is a great coach and the experience of reflective repatterning is awesome and has instant impact, she also taught me how to use it for myself if I choose to.  I would highly recommend Lyn to anyone wanting to move forward with their life: 

Business woman Chester 

On booking the appointment with Lyn I felt comfortable from the start.

We ran through a range of options that Lyn could provide and she recommended Reflective Repatterning being what would suit me at this time in my life.

I had several sessions with Lyn teaching me new skills and then practising them on each other for myself to feel comfortable to be able to go off and use on my own. 

I found the Reflective Repatterning useful and something that can be practised in a public situation knowing the outcome would help me focus and feel better without anyone else knowing.

I must say things have moved on in my world I found myself going for a job interview and meeting a new man, life certainly has turned a corner for the better.

I would definitely recommend Lyn for any coaching/ self help etc and I will certainly use her in the future.

Business Woman, Shropshire  



Reflective Repatterning has helped me to let go of some very unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns in my life.   I met Lyn for my initial one to one RR coaching session, we then continued my sessions on Skype. RR is an amazing technique that really works at helping you to balance your emotions and deal with your beliefs and it is relatively quick.  Lyn has taught me how to use RR independently so that I am not reliant on Lyn going forward, I can use it as and when I need to.   I highly recommend Lyn for her kind, understanding and professional approach in helping me move forward in life.

Emoji Maria Northern Ireland