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In House Consultancy/Coaching

Business is all about people, so finding the right employees, investing in understanding what motivates someone and improving relationships, communication and collaboration in any business large or small will reap rewards in terms of increased engagement, productivity and retention.

People are your biggest asset, however, they can also be your biggest source of frustration and stress, unintentionally of course.

Your behaviours matter, they determine how you are perceived by others and how you perceive them, how you communicate and the quality of your relationships internally, externally and personally.  To improve any business or personal results, such as increased engagement, productivity, talent retention or finding the right employee for your business, it is crucial you enhance your understanding of behaviours and how they impact the results you are getting.

No matter where you sit in the corporate arena, improving the way you interact with the people around you, from CEO to a newly appointed team member, understanding your beliefs, values and what motivates you and others, will allow you to increase your performance, improve your interactions with people and attain a better quality of life both professionally and personally.

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Our workshops are delivered by Lyn Segar-Flanagan who is an Accredited Performance Coach and Ensize Practitioner, she uses her experience combined with her coaching expertise to leave you with an acute awareness and knowledge of how to implement what you learn to improve your relationships, communication and collaboration with those you come into contact with on a daily basis.  Understanding behaviours enable you to deliver better business results.

Workshops can be designed and adapted to fit the needs of your business.  The workshops are based around Leadership Foundations and Stress Control and can be adapted to address Leadership, Sales, Conflict or Customer Service running from half a day to 2 days depending on what you are looking to achieve from the workshop.

Leadership – Understanding how others perceive you can open up your awareness and allow for personal growth as a Leader

Customer Service – Discover how to identify how your customer likes to be communicated with to improve your client relationship and retention

Sales – Improve your relationship with prospects and customers by understanding how you behave during each stage of the sales process

Conflict – What causes conflict, what to do to resolve it and what you can do to reduce the chances of your behaviour causing conflict

Bespoke – all workshops are designed to suit your specific needs

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Whilst company perks can be a nice to have and something that companies are using to try and entice employees to join and stay with them, the reality is, this is not what will ultimately keep them.  What does work is when you take into account someone’s behaviours and how that individual is motivated, how they deal with challenges and difficulties and how they communicate.  By including behaviours as part of your selection process you can recruit right every time and improve retention rates.

Ensize Behaviour Profiling is the only one of it’s kind worldwide that combines a person’s basic behaviour with their Driving Forces which are connected to their values and what priorities they have in life right now, it is why two people can have similar profiles and yet they will display very different behaviours.


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Ensize Puzzle DISC – In-house workshops or as part of a one to one coaching programme

If you are looking for a behavioural tool that delivers excellent ROI, look no further.   Launched in the UK in 2014, ENSIZE is the only company to combine our basic behaviour with what motivates us, our driving forces.  This information is like gold dust, it helps to explain why people behave the way they do and why two people can have similar profiles but behave in very different ways.

Ensize DISC is easy to use and understand and is taken on board by people due to its amazing accuracy, the best in the market, it immediately opens up conversations that might otherwise not have happened, developing a more open and trusting environment.

Other tools available in the Ensize range are:

Snapshot Survey

360 Feedback




Call Lyn on 07745400504 or email [email protected] to discuss how she can assist you to achieve greater results in your business and personal life.