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“When we truly start to understand why we behave the way we do, how our behaviours impact others, we begin to unlock the secrets to success in our business and personal lives by improving our relationships, communications and collaborations” 


About Lyn

Prior to becoming a Performance Coach, Lyn worked within the corporate sector for over 30 years, for companies such as Unilever, Squibb Surgicare, Hapag-Lloyd, Easynet (UKOline)and various SME’s and with the charity RNIB, a majority of those years spent in senior management and seven years as a director with an SME.

Lyn’s exposure to recruiting and training people within a diverse range of businesses has given her immense experience of people and how they behave.  She has a thorough understanding of not only corporate culture, business processes and financial acumen but an appreciation of the some of the difficulties faced when recruiting, developing retaining and engaging people.

As an accredited Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner and Consultant for Ensize Puzzle DISC, her accumulated knowledge and experience coupled with her expertise as a Coach enables her to deliver consistently excellent results for her clients.  Lyn is a member of the Association for Coaching (AC), Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), The Association of Trainers, Consultants and Coaches (ATCPC) and The NeuroLeadership Institute.13446286_1142972219078779_214621798_o

In her spare time, Lyn is passionate about the retraining of racehorses, many of these horses have a short racing career and so giving them another career after racing saves them from possible slaughter.  Having ridden since the age of 12 and due to work and family commitments over the past 30 years, she has ridden other peoples horses when she had the time,  now that her family are independent means she is able to devote some time to her own horse.

Horses are very sensitive and ultra-intuitive and the best teachers of good leadership, true horsemanship comes from working in harmony with the horse, not damaging it’s spirit and soul, a partnership based on trust and respect, poor horsemanship as in poor leadership is based on fear and trust and respect is either low or broken.

Call Lyn on 07745400504 or email [email protected] to discuss how she can assist you to achieve greater results in your business and personal life.