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Profile builder for recruiting

We all know that recruitment is a costly and time consuming process for any organisation. ¬†Profile builder for recruiters is an excellent additional tool for recruiters to use to assess the ‘fit’ of an individual into an organisation and/or team.14868716_m


The behaviours of someone new into a team can disrupt the equilibrium of that team, creating tensions and disharmony, so although their skill set and experience may have matched, by understanding their behaviours and their driving forces (what is motivating them), will enable you to have a comprehensive selection process ensuring that your are selecting the right candidate for the right position.


Profile builder enables you to design the profile required and match suitable candidates accordingly or you can take an already desired profile of a current employee and match the profiles of the candidates, giving you a report that enables you to easily identify the behaviours of that individual and their suitability for the role, thereby selecting the right candidate that not only has the skills, knowledge and experience yet just as important if not more so is their behavioural fit into the role and how they will interact with their colleagues, customers, suppliers etc.


It is a well known fact that people can make or break a business, so to is the importance of having shared visions which involves having shared values, Ensize Puzzle DISC is unique as it takes a persons basic behaviours and combines it with their Driving Forces which are based on their values, so you can be sure to be selecting the right person for the culture of the organisation.


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